Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Points about OPNET

OPNET is the network simulation software.
Compare to OPNET IT Guru, OPNET Modeler has additional functionalities.

When you install OPNET create (C:\Users\user_name\op_models) three folders to store user-specific information:
  • op_admin, contains backup, temp and log files etc.
  • op_models, stores project files.
  • op_reports, stores simulation study reports.

OPNET saves preferences in op_admin directory with file named env_db<version>.

To change the default model directory follow path File->Manage Model Files ->Add Model Directory
Each project is divided into one or more scenarios. A scenario is a simulation study of particular system or technology under different configuration settings.

E.g. a project may contain scenarios like 5nodes_10K, 50nodes_100K etc. Scenario also helps to organize simulation studies into small parts that examine a specific aspect or configuration.

The Startup Wizard allows the creation of projects.
To create new scenario, select Scenarios->New Scenario
The Scenarios->Scenario Components allows importing or exporting of various components like mode, probe model etc.

Import operation overwrites existing components of a scenario.

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